Remington 700 Low Pro Straight Bolt handle

Remington 700 Low Pro Straight Bolt handle

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This is a fully custom designed Rem 700 bolt handle which is a part I have always wished someone would make, but no one has until now.  Fully machined here in my own shop. If you have been wanting a handle with better clearance this is it.

I designed this handle to eliminate the clearance issues with the other straight handles on the market.

The angle of these handles is usually to high causing clearance issues with the scope and handle most commonly. Many times the handle must be cut for clearance and/or higher rings used to get the necessary clearance.

My handle not only is designed for a lower angle but a specific shape has been designed into the top of the handle to provide even more clearance than what the market provides today.

The handle features 5/16-24 threads for easy attachment of the most popular knobs made today, and to fit on Remington 700, XP 100, Model 7 and 600 bolts.

This part is not a drop in part and gunsmith installation is required to properly time and TIG weld or silver solder it onto the bolt body.

I can provide installation service for those that wish to have one installed for an additional fee. Contact me for details.